Yo, fam! Today, we’re diving into the latest release from Kenyan Drill Hiphop artist – Big Yasa’s “Over 18.” Now, if there’s one thing you can’t miss about Big Yasa, it’s that unmistakable voice that hits you as soon as he spits on a track. His hook game? Out of this world and hard as hell. 

Real talk, no one in Kenyan Hiphop is grinding as hard as Big Yasa. Homeboy shut down the Alchemist in Parklands, Nairobi, at last year’s Ballantines Boiler Room event. And let me tell you, it was next level — better than the Buruklyn Boyz, even though they curated and headlined the gig.

But before we deep dive into “Over 18,” let’s give props to Big Yasa for the killer collab with Silas Piper on Use Me.” Everything’s on point, from the visuals directed by @sleezeke. And let me drop some knowledge on Silas Piper – this dude’s vibes span afrobeat, pop, rock, and R&B. His soulful style, inspired by legends like Derek Trucks, XXXTentacion, and Naija’s own Rema, adds a unique flavor to the game.

Now, back to the main event – Big Yasa’s “Over 18.” The music video, shot by @KingKhassidy, a director repping Mombasa, is straight fire. But peeping the female model in the vid, I gotta say, them actions don’t quite match the hard-hitting bars. Where’s the ass and melons, man? She’s too soft for these bars. Save her for the emotional joint, like “Crystal Clear” from the “BIGGS” EP.

And speaking of “BIGGS,” let’s talk about Yasa’s grind. This dude dropped the “BIGGS” EP, hitting us with a solid five-track project. But hold up, he didn’t stop there – he went all out, dropping the deluxe edition, serving us with a whopping 18 songs. Now, that’s some serious dedication to the game. Big Yasa’s been leveling up since the “BIGGS” drop in 2022, and “Over 18” is proof of the hustle. The dude invests in his production, and it shows. Sure, his verses might get a bit shaky, but when it comes to those choruses, it’s an earworm fest. “Ulalaa,” “Wasp,” “Halal Haram,” “Cold,” and “Crystal Clear” – every track’s got that hook that stays with you.

And let’s not sleep on the best line from “Over 18” – when Yasa lazily spits, “hawa manigga wa mneti asilimia yao ni macartoon, we uko sure ama unaassume?” That’s a reality check, asking if these internet critics are spitting facts or just cooking up stories. Straight fire, calling out the realness of rap politics in the game.

But here’s the real talk – Yasa’s putting in that online grind, posting shorts, hyping up his moves, but Kenyan fans, y’all need to step up. YouTube numbers ain’t doing justice to the Mad Clan rapper. Stivo Simple Boy pulling crazy streams while Big Yasa’s putting in the real work.

“Over 18” is the stamp – Big Yasa’s here to stay, and his rhyme ain’t drying up anytime soon. Keep hustlin’, Yasa, we see you!

Your thoughts matter, so drop a comment and let us know what you think. Don’t let the beat drop without sharing your vibes!

RATING: 2.5 Out of 5

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