Kwani Ni Kesho? Si Kesho!

If you are Kenyan, I’m sure a day wouldn’t end without you using this phrase, which may very well serve as a motivational force for you. This phrase finds its origin with the renowned Kenyan Drill Duo, Buruklyn Boyz (Ajay & Mr. Right), who have played a pivotal role in propelling Kenyan drill into the spotlight.

Who is Buruklyn Boyz?

Whether you listen to Hip-Hop or not, obviously, you have heard of Buruklyn Boyz. This is because of their catchy phrases, such as Kwani Ni Kesho or Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block (also a song). Buruklyn Boyz is, therefore, a rap group made up of two artists- Ajay and Mr. Right. Following the 58 route from the heart of Nairobi leads, you to the area code of this group, Buruburu Estate. The route and area code are symbolic to the group as they represent it in the music scene. Route 58, to them, is TANO NANE; from Buruburu, they got their name, BURUKLYN BOYZ (BBoyz). So who are Buruklyn Boyz? Buruklyn Boyz ndio mbogi imeivisha drill.

Mbogi Imeivisha Drill!

With the advent of drill in Kenya, many have tried to master this art of music. Buruklyn Boyz is one dominant and consistent of them all, with their hit single NAIROBI garnering over three million views on YouTube. Buruklyn Boyz proved that they had come to conquer the new wave. As they sing in the song, they proclaim how they have come to take over Nairobi and the whole industry. Evidently, they have dominated the drill art and have won the hearts of many with their dope, cool, and sing-along lyrics.

With a blend of English, Swahili, and Sheng in their verses, they have used drill to talk about social issues and life in the streets. This makes them an admiration by many as they use music to inspire the young generation. It’s every youth’s desire to make it big in life, and as Buruklyn Boyz says, DREAM NI YA KUTOKA KWA BLOCK. This implies the dreams each youth has and one day to make it in life and make a difference in their life and home.

After their hit song Nairobi, the group steered the genre with more hits to show they had mastered the drilling craft even though they were not carpenters (Bars!!!). The group brags about sing-along tracks such as dream ya kutoka Kwa Block, location 58, Pree, and Bad Boyz Club.

Furthermore, they released their debut album, EAST MPAKA LONDON, which has been received well. The album title shows that the group hopes to take the genre to greater heights. The album has sixteen tracks, with collaborations from local artists like Big Yasa and Silverstone Barz, just to list a few. So far, they have released videos for tracks such as Blicky, Niskize, 23, and Last Air Blender, among others. The album has succeeded as much as it was their debut album.

Not only have they showcased their proficiency as a group in the drill art but also individually. Mr. Right is well known for his smooth, sleek flow and dope lyrics which always have you nodding to his delivery, whether it’s a hook or verse. With tracks such as Woosh Woosh, Piga Lean, Mr. Right proves how creative he can be with any beat given to him. It’s no wonder he lands several collaborations. On the other hand, Ajay has a deep melodic voice and catchy hooks that ring in your head and system. His well known for singles such as Corns Freestyle, Wild, and Trapping.

Arguably, Burukyln Boyz ndio Mbogi Imeivisha Drill, and we cannot deny that Buruklyn boyz are propelling Kenyan drill.

Kwani Ni Kesho!!!

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