Musiq Jared, who is a Music Connoisseur, Music Publicist, Door Knockers cypher funder, Media Entrepreneur and Blogger has just dropped his much-anticipated album featuring various artistes around the globe. We had the honor of penetrating the musical expert’s creative mind in an exclusive and open online interview. Through the interview, we dug deep into Music Jared’s mind to discover the core of this outstanding album, from the influences that sparked the conception of “Motivation” to the diligent process of making each track. Join us as we discover more about “Motivation” and get a peek into the amazing mind of Music Jared. We’ll learn about his inspirations and how he made this incredible album.

Niaje Budah! can you tell us about the inspiration behind your upcoming album “Motivation”? What themes and experiences have influenced the music on this project?

First of all, thank you so much High On Bars Team for hooking me up, Big up you guys for the good job you are doing towards the growth of Kenyan Hiphop culture. Keep It up. ‘Motivation’, The idea came after I and my Door Knockers Cypher team (Micshariki Africa, Brima Maovete, 64 Hiphop & P-Mani Records) dropped the 5th episode of DKC, the cypher featured some of the best that we have around East Africa. So after the cypher I was having that moment of reflection, trying to recall how my journey has been like since I started, 3 years being part of the culture, the highs and lows you know. having build a good relationship with almost the entire KE hiphop fraternity both the producers and artistes, I felt its about time to do something. Also my counterpart, Kefa Mkombola of micshariki africa played a major role on this one, he has done a couple of collective projects putting in mind he is not a rapper, he inspired me a big deal.

The title of your album suggests a focus on motivation. Could you share some insights into the message you’re aiming to convey to your listeners through this album’s tracks?

The Album is all about Unity.  Hiphop is a culture that embraces love, togetherness & positive vibes. As much as times are getting hard, we gotta be there for each other, Each one teach one. Music is food for the soul and through music is the only way that we could motivate someone to get up and get it. 

Collaborations often bring fresh perspectives to an artist’s work. Can you hint at any exciting collaborations or featured artists on the “Motivation” album and how they’ve contributed to the project?

Broooo!. This is a good a question! Collabos play a vital role, both on artistes and producers. Collabos should produce a healthy challenge for each artist. I love all the songs, just to mention a few, Theirs Mama which I did feature Tony Kings, Elisha Elai, Msito and Don Dully Jay, Remember Msito & Elai were part of Dandora Music crew. They havent done any project since they parted ways so having them on one track, Im so happy to be able to achieve that, theirs is also Msanii remix, I have featured Shinobi, Shazzy B, Nem R, Katapilla & Lness On this line up I have brought two generations to do this, the current ones and the legendary Lness, to me its a win. to be honest everybody brought their A-game on this project

Hip-hop has a history of addressing societal issues. Are there any tracks on “Motivation” that touch on important social or personal topics? What drove you to include these themes?

Yeah, Motivation has some of the songs with both personal & social issues, the main course that drove me is obvious, Hip-hop artists have always used their music as a form of protest, speaking out against injustices and advocating for change.

With the release of “Motivation,” what do you hope listeners will take away from the album? What emotions, thoughts, or actions do you aspire to inspire in your audience?

In whatever you do, stay motivated, embrace change if you feel you are not heading the right direction, above all acknowledge the presence of God in your life.

Lyrics are a fundamental aspect of hip-hop. Can you share some of your favorite lines or verses from the album that summarize its core themes of motivation and determination?

I don’t wanna take sides at the moment, lol. Let the fans bring the conversation once we outside.

Beyond the music, the album’s title suggests a broader perspective on motivation. Can you share any personal experiences or philosophies that have played a role in motivating you throughout your career?

When I started, it was so difficult to penetrate in this industry, step by step things started changing, now I have a space in the culture, If had given up back then I wouldn’t be here. That’s the real definition of Motivation! NEVER GIVE UP!

Collaborating with producers and songwriters can contribute to the album’s sound. How did your creative collaborations shape the production and direction of “Motivation”?

All I can say, Ideas came naturally, then figure out which producer should provide the beat, which artiste can fit in well, then the rest I leave it to the producer and songwriters to give out the final product, Also I have executive producers (Brima Rainman, Evano & Peter Mutisya), they really did some good job bringing in ideas. Salute to them.

Engaging with fans is crucial in today’s digital age. How do you plan to connect with your audience around the release of “Motivation,” and how important is their feedback to you?

Im glad I have managed to build a solid following on my socials, i’m pretty sure they will come through to support me when the the project is finally out, also I will be doing some media tours to reach the wider audience, so the fans should be on the lookout.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the impact of the “Motivation” album? How do you envision it contributing to the broader hip-hop landscape and leaving a lasting legacy?

I took time to draft and execute the whole album, all the tracks are timeless. I hope it will be received positively, and also go down to the coming generations, I hope the fraternity will remember me with it when I finally hung the boots.

As we wrap up our Exclusive Interview with Musiq Jared, it’s clear that “Motivation” is not just an album, but a collection of tracks produced with passion and dedication. The insights shared by Music Jared have provided a glimpse into the profound layers of creativity and personal experiences that have shaped this remarkable musical endeavor. Below is the track list form “Motivation” Album.

Thanks for reading this Exclusive Interview with Musiq Jared!

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