Kenyan hip-hop is getting louder as Buruklyn Boyz drops Germany music video. “Germany” is the first official music video of their 2023 EP, “Bboy Settingz.”

The EP consists of seven tracks, each bringing its own flavor to the mix. The other six tracks are. “Gear Five,” “Patient,” “Charlie Chaplin,” “Kill Opp,” “Vertical” and “Strange Faces.”

The only two artists featured on the EP are Young Louie58 on “Vertical” and “Strange Faces” and Buruklyn G on “Charlie Chaplin.” The whole EP clocks in at just 25 minutes and 14 seconds. Perfect for those who can’t sit still for too long. 

For MRRIGHT, fashion sense is an art form. In a generation where everyone chases after that ’90s and the 00s nostalgia, MRRIGHT brings out the era with a unique sense of style. 

In this video, he resembles Hurricane Chris on A Bay Bay wearing two tees (black and white) with a dash of Eazy E vibes minus the Jheri curls. It’s a vibe that’s uniquely MRRIGHT, and let’s be real, besides Octopizzo, who else even comes close to that level of drip? 

Watch the Badman Bright-directed “Germany” by Buruklyn Boyz

Octopizzo’s Influence on by Buruklyn Boyz

When it comes to influences, the Buruklyn Boyz aren’t afraid to give credit where it’s due, and Octopizzo’s impact on their style is undeniable. Ajay’s been saying it in interviews, and now we see it. The hook for “Germany” pays homage to Octopizzo’s iconic line, “tangu nitoke Berlin mfuko zimejaa money” from the critically acclaimed, Ivo Ivo Ivo.” 

As Buruklyn Boyz drops “Germany,” the hook sets the song apart. It makes the song a banger that will be on repeat in the minds of Kenyan hip-hop heads across Nairobi. 

With production by Wednesday Mistakes, the drill-infused track sounds tailor-made for the Boyz to spit venom at their detractors. Lines like, “mfuko imejaa money… mapeng wanatamani…we ni mwere hatufanani” hit hard, cementing “Germany” as one of the best tracks of 2024.

MRRIGHT asserts his authority with every line he drops. When he throws down lines like, “tukipull up manigga wanadip,” you can’t help but agree. I mean, just take a look at Buruklyn Boyz, besides rapping, they’re also fashion icons in the making. With style that sets them apart from every other Kenyan rap group. And when MRRIGHT quotes from one of his best hooks, “na ikiharibika bado tunafix” from the monster hit Piga Lean,” it’s a reminder that even he appreciates the song’s greatness.

Ajay eps to the mic and wastes no time in calling out haters. In a just few short bars, he becomes ferocious with lines like, “acha mdomo bro tupa right,” daring anyone to step up.  He takes the insults a notch higher with the dismissive wave of the hand, “enda ukaheal, p*ssy we ni b*tch.” punctuated by evil adlibs that drive the point home.

Badman Bright Directs “Germany” by Buruklyn Boyz Visuals

The “Germany” video director Badman Bright is staking his claim as a visionary force to be reckoned with. With each project, he’s elevating the game to new heights. His lens has so far captured, Sniper Gang by MRRIGHT, 25 Flow by Jovie Jovv Ft Licky, and Award by Spinx Mafia. So the future of Kenyan hip-hop visuals looks brighter than ever.

Brooklyn Boyz drops “Germany” purely for nothing but exclusive bragging rights.

RATING: 2.6 Out Of 5

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