A strong revolution is currently taking place in Kenya’s vibrant hip-hop music scene, breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and giving voice to individuals who have been silent for far too long. The rise of female rappers in Kenya has been nothing short of extraordinary, as these trailblazing artists fearlessly enter the hip-hop genre, which men have always controlled. A surge of powerful and accomplished women have recently come to the forefront, leaving an enduring imprint on the genre. These Kenya’s Best Female Rappers 2023 list are changing the art form and ushering in a new era of empowerment and change by tackling social issues and questioning conventions.

Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni Drummer Queen, a seasoned artist whose music smoothly fuses hip-hop, Afro-fusion, and electronic sounds, is at the forefront of this movement. With over ten years of experience in the field, Muthoni has become well-known for her distinctive sound and has grown into a strong proponent of gender equality. She bravely confronts social issues like sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and toxic masculinity through her songs. Her verses turn into empowering anthems encouraging listeners to defy expectations and speak for fairness.

Stella Mwangi (STL)

Stella Mwangi, formerly known as STL, is an unabashed powerhouse renowned for her blunt lyrics and steadfast dedication to social consciousness. Her verses cut through the clutter and touch on topics society frequently avoids. The difficulties of daily living are reflected in Stella’s music, which also reflects the aspirations and difficulties of the Kenyan people. Audiences respond to her sincerity, which motivates them to face their hardships and work for a better future.

Fena Gitu

Hip-hop, R&B, and Afro-pop are expertly combined in Fena Gitu’s music, making her a force to be reckoned with. She has a devoted following thanks to her effortless flow and catchy hooks. Fena, also well-known for her tremendous energy and excellent live performances, has been in several of the most prestigious concerts and has shared the stage with some of the most well-known personalities in the music sector. She has released two albums, “Fenamenon” and “Unleashed.” These albums resulted from her dedication and discipline in the music business. She has participated in several of the most prestigious musical events, including the second season of Coke Studio Africa and other notable music recording sessions in Nairobi.


This is one of the most daring and fascinating rappers and also one of the most stunning. The incredible unequaled talent that first captured Kenyan’s eyes in the scene when she appeared in Rabbit’s Ligi Soo Remix is a bold, versatile phenomenon that can rap in addition to her singing ability. She initially drew Kenyan’s attention to the scene. The artist, a citizen of Kenya and the Seychelles is shaking up the industry with her fearless raps and smooth flows.

Femi One

Femi One, a star of the Kenyan rap scene since 2015, got her start at a young age in the rap industry, and she has made huge advances in an industry dominated by men. Since she first began her music career, Femi One has had to put in a lot of effort while also being driven by her enthusiasm and determination. Her collaborations with well-known musicians demonstrate her reach, crossing divides and spreading her message. Her aggressiveness toward the industry, inherited from the King Kaka Empire, is a force to be reckoned with.


The talent of Wangechi exemplifies the strength that can be achieved by combining musical styles. She has become one of Kenya’s top female rappers thanks to her ability to blend genres skillfully. Her work transcends categorization, enabling her to carve out a special place for herself in the hip-hop world. Beyond her music, Wangechi’s success defies social expectations and inspires young female artists who reject limitations.

Sylvia Ssaru

Sylvia Ssaru is one of the most talented female emcees dominating the airwaves. Saru can communicate directly to the audience, who appreciate her uncompromising honesty, via the spooky and ominous music that she composes. She is bringing a level of power to the rap industry that has never been seen before, and she is famous for her vulgar lyrics and her command of street jargon. Already, Saru has cultivated a substantial and devoted following of fans.

Silverstone Barz

Nicole Babra, better known by her stage name Silverstone Barz, is bursting into the Kenyan hip-hop scene like a shooting star. Silverstone is a poet and rapper with a great aptitude for fusing the two genres while crafting lyrics that have a contagious energy. Her rise to fame received a remarkable boost when she added a verse to Khaligraph Jones’ “Khali Cartel 3,” which stunned the music world and cemented her reputation as a talent to watch. Silverstone’s youth witness the structural shifts inside Kenya’s rap culture in a field dominated by seasoned voices. Her lyric in “Khali Cartel 3” wasn’t only a snapshot of the moment but signaled the beginning of a new era.

Mandy Kabaya

Mandy, whose birth name is Amanda Mitchelle, is a talented rapper whose name you should already be familiar with since she has been quite productive in her field. She credits the late, famed Kenyan rapper E-Sir as the primary source of her creativity. After the release of her most successful album, “Kabaya,” she later said she was the female version of E-Sir. She has a fiery delivery lyrically and does her business in a star-like manner; she is outspoken and brimming with self-assurance.

Dyana Cods

Last on Kenya’s Best Female Rappers 2023 is Dyana cods. We were exposed to Dyana cods under the guidance of the Zozanation camp, the same record company that signed the Wakadinali. This femcee first came to our attention because of the very successful single “Morio Anzenza” by Wakadinali. Since then, she has remained steadfast and is gradually establishing her reputation inside the industry. She has shown that she can compete significantly in mainstream hip-hop. The rapstress has recently released an album entirely comprised of drill, featuring well-known artists like Buruklyn Boyz, Wakadinali, and Groovy Jo. The album has been given the title Thank Me Later, and it is comprised of 13 tracks. Her most recent video to be published is titled Foreign, featuring Buruklyn Boyz.

In essence, Kenyan female rappers are expressing their presence, rewriting the story, and motivating a generation to overcome adversity in a world that frequently silences women’s voices. Not only are they creating music, but also history. They are leaving a legacy that will endure through time as a constant reminder that music can be a force for good and that women have a legitimate place at the movement’s frontline. Also, to the Femcees who have not appeared on The Kenya’s Best Female Rappers 2023 list, there is definitely more chances for you to be featured on next year’s list. You just have to be consistent and release more dope musics.

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