Tanzanian music has been blazing a trail across East Africa for three solid decades, captivating audiences with its distinctive sound.

Moreover, within the country’s borders, hip-hop reigns supreme, gaining passionate support.

Notably, exiled rapper and activist, Roma Mkatoliki, collaborates with the legendary Chid Benz on the controversial track Naskia Harufu.”

It’s set to become the lead single on Roma Mkatoliki’s forthcoming album.

Roma’s lyrical mastery unleashes a hailstorm of words, solidifying his standing as one of Tanzanian music’s most capable wordsmiths.

Roma Mkatoliki’s Verse on Naskia Harufu

Emphasizing his skill, Roma drops two razor-sharp verses that cut through the hip-hop scene. Chid takes command of the hook and delivers a singular verse that hits hard.

The track reaches extreme levels, prompting Roma to draw a compelling analogy with the legendary Barcelona FC midfield. He raps, “upande Iniesta upande Xavi nawasupply bars niiteni afisa wa ugavi leta singeli ata trap yaani nitaswitchi fiti baadaye narap ma Bolo Yeung napiga round kiki na sina kiki nasiandiki mziki naandika hiti beki ya boli Paolo Maldini utapita vipi.” The bars are served hotter than ever, complementing the intense lyrical pitch.

Adding to the intrigue, the magnetic pull of this track lies in Roma’s strategic shift. He redirects his lyrical focus from politicians to confront the young rappers.

With swaggering confidence, he dismisses doubts about his stylistic versatility and asserts an invincible position similar to the mesh on the walls of Guantanamo Bay. “I see my lyrics 16 bars on my left hand booth nachora mistari kwa rizla kuleni rhymes, I feel sorry for young rappers please don’t do that, Bonjour, comment ca va?”  Roma’s audacity is intense and knows no bounds.

Chid Benz’s Part on Naskia Harufu

Stepping into the spotlight, Chid Benz takes center stage with a hook dripping in dismissive arrogance. He announces, “…naskia kimenuka mpaka nje ya chupi nao tunajua na ni sawa na ni groupie.”

Beneath this self-assertive exterior, lies a rapper who has weathered the storm, battling and overcoming the demons of drug addiction.

His verse is a raw outpouring of frustration, echoing the perpetual struggle, “Maneno hayaishi kilasiku yeah,… maneno hayanogi mpaka usiku yeah, Niache!”

It’s as if he’s challenging those who discuss his trials, suggesting they have their own baggage to unpack in their lives. The narrative turns rough and unapologetic.

Transitioning into the third verse, Roma weaves some English into his lyrics marking a groundbreaking milestone within the Tanzanian music scene.

The peak of wordplay emerges as he drops lines like, “alafu siringi, mnampa kipofu zawadi ya runinga alafu mnavimba mnaringa leo nawatoa ujinga.”

Then he spares words of wit and wisdom for broke men chasing gold-digging women with, “wakikuambia ndevu bila hela ni nyasi waambie tako bila sura ni uvimbe.”

Video: “Naskia Harufu” by Roma Mkatoliki featuring Chid Benz

Naskia Harufu Music Video a Game Changer for Tanzanian Music

Shifting gears to the visuals, the music video directed by BLACK X adds another layer to the narrative.

In an interview with Rick Media, BLACK X highlights Tanzanian hip-hop’s struggle on platforms platforms like Spotify.

In response to queries about Roma’s transcontinental travel for the video shoot, BLACK X responds playfully, “na kwanini mnasema Roma alikuja Tanzania, kwani Chid Benz hawezi kusafiri?.” This humor escalates when considering Chid Benz’s low-profile living in recent years.

Transitioning to the video’s brilliance, BLACK X skillfully manipulates weather elements, ensuring a flawless visual narrative where artistry overcomes distance.

The simulated setting, where Roma and Chid Benz seemingly share the same space, adds an artistic layer to the video.

Providing insight into the behind-the-scenes challenges, the director proudly claims the video script as his brainchild. He says he guided the director who took Roma’s reels from the other side.

Chid Benz’s Commitment to Tanzanian Music

Nevertheless, the logistical juggling to bring Chid Benz to the set raised concerns for both Stamina and Roma. (Stamina was in charge of logistics).

By a curious twist of fate, BLACK X  discovered Chid’s leg burn amidst the pressures of video production.

He says Chid, despite the pain, coming to the set and committing to the shoot, proves his true soldier spirit. He allowed Chid the necessary permissions for intermittent breaks.

To navigate the challenge, a strategic decision was made for the video to feature a stunt double. He seamlessly stepped into Chid Benz’s role and appears in 70% of Chid’s scenes.

“Naskia Harufu” is a resounding victory for Tanzanian music and continues the country’s hip-hop revolution.

RATING: 3.5 Out of 5

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