We’re diving into this piece ‘cause I’ve been in nonstop debates about the illest Kenyan hip-hop drop of 2023. We finally crowned $£€K by Sudough Doss as the undisputed album.

Now let me take you back to when I first kicked it with Sudough Doss. He was part of Scar Mkadinali’s entourage in a 2021 interview.

Sudough rocked a Chicago Bulls hat and gave off those approachable vibes. I tried to start a convo about the Last Dance but he hit me with a smile, “bro ni kofia tu nimevaa, me si fan wa bake.”

Fast forward, Scar spilled the beans behind the scenes. Sudo cooking up a fire album to drop in a few months. 

It just hit me Sudough Doss is none other than Sudo’s alter ego. So, big ups, man! You just unleashed the hottest rap album of 2023, and I’m itching for that hard copy, like, right now.

$£€K by Sudough Doss Favored Wakadinali Ratings

Wakadinali trio has taken over Spotify as the most streamed Kenyan musician. They also secured the seventh spot globally for artists that Kenyans can’t get enough of.

And you know what fueled that ascent? Sudough Doss’ album, no question. Wakadinali features on multiple tracks, and it’s stamped with their name on Spotify. Brotherhood on a whole other level!

Sudough Doss got this habit of cozying up with the cream of the rappers in the Kenyan hip-hop scene. Notably, he featured on the Ndani Ya Cockpit 3 Wakadinali album, closing it out with a bang on the final track, Rong Cypher Vol 2.0.

That joint had an all-star squad repping hard – Elisha Elai, Hr the Messenger, Skillo, Katapillar, and the legendary Kitu Sewer.

Riding on the wave of Wakadinali’s success, it was just a ticking clock before the Rong Rende affiliates unleashed their albums.

We’ve seen Dyana Cods dropping Thank Me Later, andRiver Lake Nilote.” Now Sudough Doss has stepped into the arena with $£€K.

This record dives into the themes that skyrocketed Wakadinali to superstardom – violence, sex, police brutality, and the realities of Nairobi’s life.

To keep it real, they’ve called in producers who’ve previously cooked up beats for Wakadinali, like Ares66 and Luigi.

$£€K by Sudough Doss Track Listing

Paper Chaser

Sudo isn’t begging for a boost from the stars; he’s holding it down solo. From the jump, check the first track, “Paper Chaser”- bird-like chirps on the beat setting the scene. Sudo’s laying it out, sharing his business and hustle mentality.

On the hook, he spits, “ka hatubongi ganji tunabonga juu ya biz.” Time’s ticking, and Sudo’s all about that grind – no room for wasting time.

Si Kupenda Kwetu

Featuring an all-star cast in your debut album isn’t a bad move. Kitu Sewer, representing the Mashifta, kicks off the first verse of “Si Kupenda Kwetu.”

The beat’s with old school vibes, slow and steady giving Kitu Sewer the perfect playground.

Having Sewersydaa and Kitu Sewer on the same track is like hip-hop magic. The former channels the style of the legendary emcee. It’s a vibe, no doubt.


As you slide to “Kalenda,” Sudo boldly declares 2023 a ‘Rong Year’ laying down one of the cockiest statements ever.

He’s out here proclaiming ‘Rong Rende’ a bigger logo than what Ogopa Deejays sported in the wild 2000s. Bold move, right?

The track features Skillo, who also rapped on the “Rong Cypher Vol 2.0” freestyle in the “Ndani Ya Cockpit 3.”

Skillo’s rap style and voice are original and better than most Kenyan rappers.  But, gotta admit, his punchlines fall a bit short in doing justice to the track.


Message” is hands down one of the illest tracks on this album. You can’t help but smile at Sudo’s attempt at singing on the hook.

The verses? Airtight, locked and loaded, and guess what adds that extra flavor? Gunshots, strategically hitting at regular intervals.

No Cap

On “No Cap,” Sudo drops “sisi ndio tulifanya wakashukishwa kwa ride” – becoming the anthem for the “Rong Rende” movement.

Ever since they burst onto the Kenyan hip-hop scene, all rappers who came before were forgotten in a hot minute.

Karibu Eastside

Karibu Eastside” steals the crown for best track for the album.

It’s a solo show with Sudo doing both the hook and verses. He delivers one of the slickest flows you’ll catch from any rapper in the Kenyan hip-hop scene.

This joint is gold, man. If our Radio Presenters were serious about their music game, they’d be blasting this as the best commercial gangsta rap of the year.

Rock With Me

Rock With Me” switches up the pace hitting you with a hook ready to set the club ablaze. This is also the track that threatens “Karibu Eastlands” for the album’s throne.

In the same song, Doss tips his hat to the good OG ‘JVC’ TV sets. It’s a trip down memory lane, just like his rhyme partner Sewersydaa did on “McMCA” from Ndani Ya Cockpit 3.

Remember that ‘bed of roses’ vibe? Sewersydaa dropped those words on “Kim Jong Un.” It’s like a hip-hop handshake, proving there’s no love lost between these brothers.

Man, I was lowkey missing those Domani Munga hooks on this album. But gonna give props where it’s due – Sudo’s holding it down well with hook duties.

Juu Ya Nini

Munga jumps into the mix on “Juu Ya Nini,” bringing that raw Wakadinali feel. It isn’t a bad track. But let’s be real – Domani Munga’s got a stash of weed anthems, and his fans probably have their favorites that hit even harder than this joint.

Rende Ni Rong

Rende Ni Rong” stands tall as the ultimate Rong Rende anthem. Sudough Doss pulls off another hook masterpiece. This time without Domani Munga but locking in with the squad, including Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydaa.

The track’s production is pure excellence. With machete swipes and gunshot sounds, it makes the usually intense Wakadinali violent lyrics sound less harmful.

$£€K by Sudough Doss unveils the commercial face of Rong Rende, showcasing the artists’ entrepreneurial spirit.

But what seals the deal is Sewersydaa dropping that abrupt sign-off with a threat: “ukiambiwa nyamaza, nyamaza”. It hits different.

Sudo’s signature move of dropping verses without a hook upfront and hitting you with it later keeps paying dividends.

10 Over 10

Take “10 Over 10,” where he goes all in on a hardcore beat, blending in like a boss. Sudo sounds comfortable on the track.

And just like Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, he boldly declares his crew’s qualification for Kikosi Cha Mizinga. And catch this line – “tunaride mtu mbili so akuna back left, tukiduck nyuma tuliwacha tumeburn nest.” Translation? His crew moves as equals – no designated leaders in Rong Rende. It’s a collective game.

Get it

Closing the curtain with “Get It”, Sudough Doss delivers another solo banger.

He echoes the struggles of Kenyan youth forgotten by their government. It’s a protest song. He lays it out plain: “how we’re locked in the system tuna chain kwa miguu yaani ni ka tuko zoo”.

The hook hits hard. It poses the question we all ask, “how we gonna get it when where how…” It’s the cry of countless Kenyan youths and a snapshot of the rising crime rates.

Final Word on $£€K by Sudough Doss

In a scene where the mainstream media dishes out less quality music, this album is a breath of fresh air.

Sure, some might say it got a boost from the blessings of Kenya’s top three rappers – Wakadinali. And they might have a point.

But let’s set that aside, Sudo proves he earned every bit of this spotlight. 

Kenyans shower Stivo Simple Boy with millions of views on YouTube.But mark my words, $£€K by Sudough Doss owned the throne for the best hip-hop album in 2023 in Kenya.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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