“For real”

Rings any bell? Perhaps yes and not. But:

For real

 mbona ni nyinyi nawawasha

nikikula nyama choma tufirifiri na tusker

bro amejituma ako kazini anaisaka

but anajua bibi yake anafanya nini naivasha?

Now that sounds familiar and I know you are already singing along.

Scar Mkadinali is no new name in the HipHop scene in Kenya. Scar aka Mr. Riz Mangwai is one third of the rap trio group, Wakadinali. Scar, born Churchill Mandela is one key pivotal artist in putting Hip Hop in Kenya to the map. He’s well known for his most remixed song Kovu, which saw upcoming and top artist in Kenya jumping into the challenge. Popular artistes to have done the challenge on the Kovu song are Khaligraph Jones, Kayvo Kforce, Virusi Mbaya among others.

Bado hapa Kenya me ndio nina ngoma imefanyiwa remix mingi buda nani kama mimi

Scar is seen rapping about this achievement of Kovu song in featured song by Oksyde known as Nganya. Arguably, Kovu happened to pave way for Mr. Riz Mangwai as a top artist in the Kenyan industry.

Scar Mkadinali Music Catalogue

Apart from being a member of a rap group, Scar Mkadinali has solo projects which proves of his versatility in the Music Industry. Apart from Kovu, scar brags of songs such as Whip Inapiga Madoba, Zote, Opps, Million Dollars just to mention afew. Scar’s songs never disappoint as his lyricism prowess is unmatched. Growing up at Eastlands perhaps shaped his lyrics. His lyrics have a gangster touch if you listen closely. As he raps in Mang’ondo:

Tuliendanga kuiba kwa opps tukakimbizaga watchie, nilinyoranga kwa opp block na bro alikunia hashtuki

We are definitely assured of his gangster flow and lyricism. It is because of his lyricism prowess that his rap group member, Domani Mkadinali, says: “Wakadinali sako kwa bako tumenyanya but kwa macho backbench tunaset tukingoja scar atupeleke commercial” in his Mungu Series (Mungu III)

Music Projects and Features

Evidently, scar has been trying to marketize the Kenyan Industry to the Tanzanian market with songs with Tanzanian heavyweight Chidi Benz. Apart from solo projects, recently, he released his first studio album #EASY with hits such as Opps, Million dollars, Bachelor’s degree among others. Fans had been requesting him to release an album and for sure or should I say “For Real” He Did not disappoint. The ten-track album depicts his journey to being a top artist in the music industry. Apart from the solo album, Scar and Wangechi, a popular femcee, dropped a joint album in the name of CHONJO. The project would have come as a result of Scar having rapped about Wangechi in Khaligraph Jones’ cypher back in 2016. The rapper says; ambia Wangechi kuna venye naweza taka kumjua. Scar might have gotten what he wanted in the end.

Scar had done a lot of features with artists in the KeHiphop scene. It’s because of his lyrics that he is the most likely member of the rap group to feature on a song. Scar does not disappoint in features as he gives out his best. Some of his featured songs include; Buda by Trio Mio, Tsunami by Khaligraph Jones, Scandals by Drin Sonoi, Kenya Sihami by Hitman.

Scar is arguably one of the best rappers in East Africa right now.

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  1. Kama Kuna watu sikuhizi ninekubali ngoma zao n wakadinali hao wasee big up mnafanya kitu fity . Nyinyi ndo vip kwa show zote tuna attend,👊👊

  2. Nakubali hakuna rappers wanona Kama wakadinali sikuhizi n shada na wakadinali walai hao jamaa wako high Africa na nko na ten big reason why Africa n wanoma.wakadinali siku zombo

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